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Thomas Wooden Railway 2013: A Fun Learning Experience for The Kids

The whistle of a train engine, the sound of its wheels thumping on the tracks, the wind that blows up to your face – every time you try looking out of the moving train through that window next to you, all these remind us of how wonderful a train journey is. Trains are something that fascinate us all, no matter how old we are. It’s just that, with age we forget to cherish the small joys of life that we once had in our childhood.

Thomas & Friends

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If you answer yes to any of these questions, then it’s the best opportunity for you to enjoy that once forgotten train journey with your younger counterpart. Let that Pool table of yours rest aside for the time, and make way for the new Thomas wooden railway 2013. Find your happiness in trains and at the same time let your younger partner learn to be creative, innovative and happy, all at the same time. No toy could equal this playful yet learning experience for your child, and give you the perfect blend of happiness, nostalgia and the opportunity of being your child’s best friend more than the Thomas wooden railway table set.

Thomas Train’s Origin

Thomas the train is one of the most famous cartoon characters that the younger generation connects to. With the unusual story line and creative visualizations, the children are always left wanting for more of it. Most of the times, when Thomas is in trouble the children become restless wanting to help him, forgetting that it’s just a cartoon that is being aired on Television. But, with this wooden railway table you can give your kid a chance to fulfill all his/her desires to help Thomas and his friends out of a trouble. With so many levels to achieve, option for custom design of tracks, addition of as many tracks and engines as one wish and many more exciting features, the Thomas railway table set is truly a toy that your child can learn and grow with. Leaving cartoons aside, Thomas the Tank is a very popular name in the toy train set world too, and this Thomas and Friends Wooden Railway Play Table has been painted with an aim to create an imaginative world for the little train lovers and enthusiasts.

What are the New Toys? What to buy?

1. The New Thomas Wooden Railway Table Set by Fisher Price

The table has been made from a sturdy wood construction, one that would last the accidents that children cause to their toys. The table has been creatively painted with all of the trains from the Thomas stories. If you are a Thomas and Friends fan and have a particular favorite then you will be content with your favorite engine forming a part of the set. The train faces are painted with 3-D raised surfaces. The 3-D surfaces make your train look more real than ever before.


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Thomas Wooden Railway Table Set

Play Table Physical Dimension

The table is a standard 49.5″ L x 33.5″ W x 18″ H, and fits all Thomas trains sets from all the previous editions too. So, this is good news for the ones that already have some engines in the store and are looking for a table to mount them on. The table has been made in such a way, that the standing position of your child is 90 degrees with his knees straight upright, something most railway tables don’t put stress on. The Thomas wooden railway table set will give your child the perfect combination of joy, knowledge and brainstorming, something that helps in the growth of the younger minds. It is one such game that along with joy and pleasure will give your child a chance to implement his thoughts, ideas and see how effective they really were. This reality check where your child’s thinking power is put to test by him is something that every parent would want for their children.

2. The Track Layout Packs

Wooden toy trains are the ones that run on a wooden track system with grooves to guide the wheels of the rolling stock. While the trains, tracks and scenery accessories are mainly made of wood, the cars and engines connect to each other using metal hooks or small magnets, also some use plastic wheels mounted on metal axles. There are some trains that are made to resemble fictional, anthropomorphical and prototypical railroad equipment. Toy train is not something that has come up all of a sudden, in fact the history of toy train goes back to 1936, when Marshal H. Larrabee II founded the Skaneateles Handicrafters. The company used to make wooden tracks and trains which were mostly made from maple wood. After that in 1956 playskool took over the sales of the Skaneateles Handicrafters and since then toy railway set business has never looked back. The reason for this business lasting so long is that trains are something we see in our everyday lives and often admire the path of a train and the way a train is driven. The toy trains fulfill this aspiration in most of our lives of being the guiding in charge of the train, where it is we, who decide where the train would lead to and which path it would follow. Coming to the history of Thomas the Tank, Thomas the Tank Engine being a fictional steam locomotive in The Railway Series books by the Reverend Wilbert Awdry and his son, Christopher. He eventually became the most popular character in the series, and also the television spin-off series, Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends. Thomas is a tank engine, which has its body painted blue with red lining, and displays the running number one. All of the locomotives in The Railway Series were based on mostly prototypical engines. Speaking of designs, Thomas has origins in the E2 Class designed by Lawson Billinton in 1913.

Select one of these tracks, they work well with the table above:

  1. 5-in-1 Track Layout Pack
  2. Figure 8 Expansion Pack
  3. Coal Hopper Figure 8 Set
  4. Up And Away Expansion Pack

Track Sets

3. 2013 All-New Thomas and Friends Train Cars

The Thomas wooden railway 2013 is the latest release in the Thomas Series by Fisher-Price. This time it is bigger, better and more interactive. With their latest release of the Thomas wooden railway table set, Fischer-price has aimed to increase the levels of interaction between the player and the game. This time the play extends to the Island of Sodor and beyond that too, with the Thomas wooden railway 2013. Fischer-price has always been known to create toys that challenge your child’s abilities and helps in their growth. They have maintained that impression with this one too, for in the new Thomas wooden railway table set, there are numerous options for the children to create their own customized tracks and layouts. They can also add to those layouts their favorite engines which are stores on the racks in the side of the table. With this unique design of the table the fun only gets better. Also the table has been put to a better height so that the playing experience does not harm the children’s growth in any way. The tables can also be extended and added one adjacent to another and the whole railway set be built to a mammoth size for more fun experience. The engines that form a part of this train set are- Thomas, Edward, Gordon, Henry, James, Percy, Toby, Diesel, Mavis, Skarloey, Rheneas, Peter Sam, Sir Handel, Duncan, Rusty, Duke, Smudger, Freddie, Mighty Mac, Rosy, Emily, Spencer, Molly, Lady, Hank, Billy, Stepney, 199, Flying Scotsman, Fergus etc. The Thomas wooden railway 2013 has enough engines and tracks to engage your entire neighborhood into the play. The all new Thomas wooden railway table set gives you freedom to expand your world of Thomas and Friends and create your own custom designed Thomas Adventures that you had always wanted. To state in brief, Sturdy built, classy finish and genuine innovations, that is what The Thomas wooden railway 2013 is all about.

New Thomas Trains


Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends TV series became very popular among children, owing to its Unique Selling Point (USP) being our unparalleled and unaltered fascination for trains throughout our lives, be it in young age or in full grown years. Thomas-based merchandise has therefore proven very lucrative as it is heavily accepted and demanded across the globe owing to its popularity. At least five different categories of trains and tracks exist: “Take Along Thomas” with grey tracks; Trackmaster battery-operated engines with brown tracks (previously Tomy with blue track); Brio-type wooden engines with wooden rails and roads (by ELC and others); electric model railway (produced in OO gauge by Hornby and Bachmann, N gauge by Tomix, O gauge by Lionel, and (from 2010) G-scale from Bachmann); and Lego engines and tracks; along with complementary videos, DVDs, books, games, puzzles, stationery, clothing and household items, which add to the sale of popularity of the Thomas wooden railway table set.

Family Opportunity

In our busy lives, we have very little opportunity to interact with the younger ones of the family. With so much technology around us, our children have lost the scope for pure playful happiness that our country life used to give us when we were young. Our children are more used to airplanes and speeding cars than to trains and tracks. Thomas wooden railway table set is your chance to give your children their share of knowledge, fun and quality time with their parents. The heart of a child always will be that of a child, be it whichever era he is born in and in whichever country. Similarly, the fondness and appreciation for trains will always be a part of the child brain, it’s just that sometimes that part of the grey cells have to be churned a bit to bring in the realization to fact. The Thomas wooden railway 2013 will rejuvenate your kid’s childhood experience with some real fun and learn experience. At the same time, as mentioned earlier this is your perfect partner to attain tranquility from the business of your daily life, and indulge in some pure happiness that would cause nostalgia in the first place and happiness to follow. Really, how long it has been since you have had some tech free happiness, one that needs only you, your child and a medium harmless to both? If you cannot still find an answer then try the train game and it will surely bring in a lot more than just happiness in your life and so for your kid.


Festivals are something that the children wait all the year round, be it Halloween, Christmas, father’s day, mother’s day, family reunion, gifts and holidays are something they value and cherish most about the festivals. Holiday is not in our hands, but the other one is. Gift a train set to your loved kids, neighbors, nephews, nieces, grand children (and the list continues) and see the immense satisfaction and happiness in their faces. One Thomas wooden railway table set would engage all the children of your home and your locality added into a wonderful experience where they would not only learn about trains and their functioning but at the same time sharpen their brain cells too. The Thomas wooden railway 2013 is a playing companion for your growing kid. As, at a very young age your child can play with the default tracks and engines on one side of the table, and as your child grows smarter, he can create his own custom tracks and take the game to a whole new level of enjoyment and adventure and excitement. There’s also a rumor that during Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year, the price will go off even more. We will keep you posted when the season comes.

To Own One of These Train Sets

All said and done, the decision that will change your child’s growing experience, enhance and enrich your interaction while playing with your children, make your children aware of the simple joys of learning while playing rests with your simple decision to own the Thomas wooden railway table set. The Thomas wooden railway 2013 will win your child new friends to play with, will win you the appreciation, content and happiness in your kid’s face, will win your kid some wisdom about trains which he will preserve for life and finally win your kid a chance to be with and help his friend Thomas. So, make it a pledge that the next gift that you buy on Christmas or on next Birthday of your kid, the next toy you invest your money on is none but the Thomas wooden railway 2013. And like trains are tough, reliable, elegant, helpful and charismatic in both appearance and functioning, so is the Thomas wooden railway table set, which lives up to all your expectations while delivering happiness to your family.

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